Attendance Policy and Procedures

The Ministry of Education identifies attendance as an important component of the evaluation of student achievement. Regular attendance is critical for the student’s learning and achievement of course expectations.

At Eastern Canada High School, class attendance is compulsory, except in the case of illness. Credits can be lost in the case of frequent absence for other than medical reasons. Punctuality for all classes is expected, as it is a mark of respect for oneself and one’s fellows.

In keeping with this position, Eastern Canada High School has adopted the following policy and procedures:

1. Teachers in all classes will maintain a daily attendance record. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class. Lates will also be recorded. Daily attendance sheets will be sent to the office.

2. Student absences must be reported to the office prior to the start of class. Students who are absent and who have not notified the school will be contacted.

Note: Students are encouraged to make appointments outside regular school hours.

3. If a student’s frequent absences are jeopardizing his/her successful completion of a course, staff will notify the principal and/or the Guidance Department. Staff will then meet with the student and the parents/guardians to explain the possible consequences and discuss steps to improve attendance.

4. At mid-semester:
• Where a student has missed five (5) classes, a teacher may be unable to assess his/her progress and so may give a “No Mark” designation on the progress report ( after consultation with the Principal).

At semester end:
• Where a student has missed ten (10) classes, a teacher may be unable to assess his/her progress and so may give a “No Mark” designation after consultation with the Principal. It may be necessary for the student to attend additional classes in order to meet the expectations for that course.